Sea Monster WIP

Hello! It's been a while. I was recently going through some old archives, and came across the progress I had made on a Sea Monster video. I never finished it, especially once the wind wasn't in the Captain Bogg & Salty sails any longer. But there's some fun stuff in there, and I thought I would put it on this website. Let me know what you think! h [...]

We're playing a show!

That's right. Captain Bogg & Salty are playing a live show. Batten down the hatches, and twiddle the capstans for one (1) live show! We'll be playing Sunday August 5th at 10am at Pickathon in Happy Valley, Oregon. It's an incredible music festival, with seriously awesome music. It's super kid-friendly as well, and you can visit for a day or camp [...]

Sunny Jim's Cross-Sword!

Sunny Jim has passed along a devious crossword cross-sword to challenge the crew! Check it out in the Treasure section.


I have a small supply of temporary tattoos left over. If you would like a couple, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Lucas Haley 1122 NW Davis Portland, OR 97209


I don't have any t-shirts, and I'm not in charge of the "official" merchandise... but I designed the original shirt, and still have the design. Would anyone be interested in a new batch?

New music video?

Over the last four or five years I've been slowly working on a new animated music video for the band... can you guess what the song might be? I have no idea when it will be done, but hopefully you'll see something in 2012.

Testing... testing... is this on?

This is a test of the news system. Yo ho!